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James Gray, M.D.

Medical Director & Radiation Oncologist

James Gray, M.D. has been a practicing radiation oncologist in Nashville since 1994. James is a physician member of Tennessee Oncology.

After many years of interest in charged particle therapy to deliver radiation therapy, James now practices as Medical Director at the Tennessee Oncology Proton Center located in Franklin, TN (near Nashville).

His practice has focused on prostate cancer using IMRT, SBRT, LDR brachytherapy, and now intensity modulated scanning beam proton therapy (IMPT). He also has extensive experience in most types of cancer, including lung cancer, breast cancer, and others.


  • Radiation Oncology
  • Pencil Beam Scanning
  • Proton Therapy
  • IMPT
  • IGRT
  • Brachytherapy
  • Xofigo
  • SpaceOAR


  • Medical School – Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
    Residency – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY

Board Certifications

  • Radiation Oncology

Professional Memberships

  • American Society for Therapeutic Radiation Oncology
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • American College of Radiation Oncology – Fellow
  • American Brachytherapy Society
  • National Association for Proton Therapy – Board of Directors

Clinic Locations

  • 4588 Carothers Parkway
    Franklin, TN 37067
    Phone: 615-716-4747

Founded in 1976, Tennessee Oncology stands as a beacon of specialized community-based cancer care, consistently evolving and expanding to serve patients better. From our humble beginnings in Nashville, our primary goal has always been clear: ensure every patient has access to top-notch cancer care and groundbreaking clinical research, right in their own community. Today, with over thirty locations offering on-site chemotherapy treatments, we’ve kept that promise, alleviating the burden of long-distance travel for our patients.

In 2018, a pivotal moment arrived. Tennessee Oncology, in collaboration with Provision Healthcare, established the Proton Center, bringing state-of-the-art proton therapy to our suite of treatments. Then, in 2023, while our affiliation evolved, our commitment did not waver. Tennessee Oncology proudly took over the full operations of the Proton Center. Though the brand name changed, the heart and soul of the center remained untouched. Our dedicated staff, expert physicians, and the unwavering quality of care continued seamlessly. We’re more than just a name; we are a family dedicated to fighting cancer, and we want our patients to know that their care and trust remain our utmost priority.

PRONOVA SC360 PROTON THERAPY SYSTEM The SC360 is the only superconducting compact proton therapy system that maintains a full 360° treatment angle and fully accessible treatment at isocenter. This offers uncompromisable performance and a distinctive open treatment room. The proprietary superconducting achromat technology operates at 4 Tesla and allows an extremely compact 360° footprint. The even greater advantage is an open isocenter and rectangular treatment room that future proofs SC360 facilities.

ADVANCED IMAGING Integrated-dual energy CBCT with closed loop couch flex correction and 3D/3D registration offers unparalleled precision and an ultra large field-of-view (up to 70cm x29cm with field stitching), supporting advanced IGRT and the capability to treat multiple fields with one image. Non-isocentric and partial arc modes ensure that patients can be imaged at isocenter in any setup pose and at any gantry angle. Available 2D planar imaging and 2D/3D registration can be used for fast position verification. Adaptive mesh-based image protocols (x-ray beam is collimated to the patient contour) reduce patient dose. The imager is also capable of fluoroscopy mode for continuous tumor-motion tracking and fan-beam mode for diagnostic quality images in future releases.

FAST-SCANNING IMPT Fast-scanning IMPT beam technology allows for extremely fast layer painting and repainting, utilizing a high frequency scanning magnet up to 10 times faster than the competition.  This is useful for faster treatments and less susceptibility to motion.

INDEPENDENT-ENERGY SELECTION SYSTEM Another innovative and unique ProNova feature is independent energy selection for each treatment room.  This provides instantaneous room-switching and greatly reduces patient treatment times, improving clinical capabilities. Future applications include intra-fraction room switching to improve workflow and throughput.

HYPOFRACTIONATION High-current, continuous beam cyclotron can deliver high dose rates, delivering the same dose in fewer treatments than pulse-beam technology.

OneOncology was founded by community oncologists, for community oncologists, with the mission of improving the lives of everyone living with cancer. Their goal is to enable community oncology practices to remain independent and to improve patient access to care in their communities, all at a lower cost than in the hospital setting. OneOncology supports their platform of community oncology practices through group purchasing, operational optimization, practice growth, and clinical innovation. Our 850 cancer care providers care for approximately 500,000 patients at more than 175 sites of care nationwide, including this proton center!

"Expanding services across the continuum of care is a core OneOncology strategy that helps our partner practices continually innovate and deliver cutting-edge care to their patients."

– Jeff Patton, CEO of OneOncology, Chairman of Tennessee Oncology

"Tennessee Oncology’s added service line of proton therapy will immediately benefit current and new patients with our most comprehensive and robust suite of cancer support services available. The emotional and daily life stress of a cancer diagnosis and treatment extends to family and caregivers."

– Natalie Dickson, M.D., President of Tennessee Oncology

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