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Notice of Recent Scam Activity

Dear Patient,

We have received reports from both patients and non-patients that they have received a call from an individual claiming to represent a hospital or other company and demanding payment over the phone. These calls are from scammers who use a technique called “spoofing.” Spoofing is a cybercriminal tactic in which a “bad actor” impersonates a trusted source (such as Tennessee Oncology) to gain personal and financial information. The call may even show as “Tennessee Oncology” on the caller ID screen, but the call is not coming from an actual Tennessee Oncology representative. Unfortunately, these bad actors may be able to link people to Tennessee Oncology through a number of indirect channels outside of our organization’s encrypted systems (e.g., social media activity, compromise of personal email, a third-party data breach).

When you have a balance due, you will first receive a statement from Tennessee Oncology. Our organization will never demand payment be made over the phone. If you receive a suspicious call, disconnect with the caller, and do not provide any personal or financial information. We encourage you to contact Tennessee Oncology at the primary location you receive care or the billing number on your statement with questions or concerns.


 Your Tennessee Oncology Team